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Helping Hands

Our Programs

River’s Edge ChangeMakers collaborates with various local communities and organizations to extend support and assistance:

Partnering with the Sydney Refugee Team and Foodbank, ChangeMakers extends aid, including food, Christmas gifts, and general support, to refugees within the Parramatta and Cumberland local government areas.

Teaming up with STARTTS (Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors), ChangeMakers contributes Christmas gifts for children and families hailing from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

Building enduring connections with disadvantaged local communities, ChangeMakers offers essential items and counseling services, fostering long-term community engagement, in partnership with Vinnies.

During times of crisis, ChangeMakers provides emergency food aid, support, and Christmas hampers to individuals facing immediate hardships in the local region.

ChangeMakers actively participates in emergency appeals aimed at disaster relief, organized by Australian Christian Churches.

Finally, through our collaboration with the Sydney Community Foundation, donations exceeding $2 are now eligible for tax deductions. For comprehensive details regarding this opportunity, please click here (link).

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