Machine Learning : Role of Context in Search and Evolution of Intent in Google Search.

What AI is and How will it Process?

All of you must have heard about Google’s recently introduced Artificial Intelligence machine “Rank Bank”. This works like an extensive neural network including networks of various software and multitude of hardware; all working like a human brain, which is a deep and complex network of neurons.

A sample of how you can play with Google’s Tensorflow library is located here.

Tensorfow Library Diagram

While working as a unit, all these interconnected networks will be capable of doing different types of functions in a single go. Search Engine industry will be revolutionized by this new Artificial Intelligence concept, and you may experience that these computers equipped with highly digitized and proficient artificial intelligence will outsmart the human brains.

An Australian company by the name of Brainchip is already making strides in making the availability of custom chips possible.

Here is a video from their presentation.

Artificial Intelligence will make a great impact on SEO and will tremendously change all the trends, thus making it faster, simpler and better. Recognition of spoken commands, collection all the relevant data in response to it, identification of photos, and playing videos are a few of such tasks that computers will be able to perform within nanoseconds through this deep learning artificial intelligence.

You can use deep playground library from github.Checkout the source here.

The basic processing of artificial intelligence is generalized into following three different ways,

ANI– Artificial Narrow Intelligence: ANI is defined as the basic working expertise of a computer to perform to compete a single function. ANI is extremely necessary to streamline customer interactions and customer engagements.

AGI– Artificial General Intelligence: Artificial General Intelligence is the ability of a computer to think and work like human brain. This accounts for the performance of various tasks in a single go. If computers process like “Thinking Machine” then we call it AGI (General Intelligence).

Artificial Superintelligence (ASI): It is a highly advanced form of hi-tech technology, a flick away from the magic. It works way beyond the expertise of a human brain.

Codepen’s Playground

See the Pen AI Playground by Chris Rouman (@crouman) on CodePen.


What Impact Artificial Intelligence can make on Google Search

Artificial intelligence is highly advanced and revolutionized form of hi-tech digital marketing. 2017 will definitely be the year of utmost revolutions and breakthroughs, effecting how the computers will respond to queries, deep learning networks and portrayal of sophisticated skills of Google search. Developments through artificial intelligence in Google search is only a start, as it’ll pose a greater impact on all over the internet in near future.

Truly Meta !

Google AI are researching and developing certain methods through which Google be able to know what you’re going to search next way before you start typing on the keyboard. So basically AI will predict your queries.

Twiiter user approach is located here.

How AI will Effect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With Google’s utmost emphasis on the artificial intelligence, SEO models will definitely and has already been changed tremendously. As Google ought to become personal assistant of all internet users, AI has integrated all the aspects of SEO. Following are some of the most common ways through which AI can change SEO trends,

As AI will take over the search engine, it’ll learn about the similar patterns in any blog, website or a page. Thus learning about the patterns, schemes and algorithms, black hat tactics will easily be detected. So to remain functioning and avoid penalties, you must use some level of advanced intelligence for your own websites.

Check the predictions here,here and here.

Till date, Google search has been optimized based on a phrase or a keyword that is written by the user on Google’s insertion box. Contrary to that, artificial intelligence not only concentrate on keywords rather on tablet searches, voice searches, mobile searches and desktop searches. So based on the spoken phrase, a variety of keyword phrases are possible. Meaning that AI is able to differentiate between typed phrases and spoken words of similar meaning, and still be able to produce same results.

All the websites on same/ specific niche have to set up and follow a same pattern to be recognized as “good” sites on the search engine. With deep learning characteristics of artificial intelligence your site must follow the settings, verticals and algorithms of that niche.

Rank Bank can easily point out the similar backlinks in your site’s vertical. So, now it is extremely important to stick with the pattern of your niche’s “Linking Neighborhood”. Ideally, if you are using some form of SEO package or some SEO retainer agreement from your digital marketing company you should look at getting a second opinion on your marketing packages offerings from some good portfolio companies.

SEO will surpass the levels of technicalities in the near future. Developments in digital marketing through artificial intelligence can easily examine each keyword optimization. So to be recognized and avoid misclassification, following a set algorithmic pattern in verticals and settings is extremely important.

In a nutshell, search engine will continue to evolve through remarkable advances in the artificial intelligence. There certainly isn’t a end to this.


Top 6 Project Management Essentials Everyone Should Know

The primary intention of every project manager is to deliver high-quality management services without compromising deadline and cost. A successful project demands a well-educated and experienced manager. For any project to be successful, whether small or big, the manager in charge must have undergone some special training. Since the need for project management courses is exponentially increasing, experts in the field are pooling their resources together to ensure sufficient training. Currently, we have a better opportunity to learn online project management courses throughout the world, after the establishment of classes.

 online project management courses

Projects, delivered according to the specifics, on time, and within the budget, are always successful. Those who have succeeded in project management are highly educated, with long-term experience in the field. Through accumulated knowledge and expertise, most managers acquire certain secrets, which they use in project management. Some of these secrets include:

Establishing Project Release Criteria

As the project commences, decide on what you will be looking at to ascertain that the product is ready for release. It could be through performance measurement, or when some large functionalities are fully operational and if other reliable indicators show the maturity of the product.


Negotiate and Dedicate Yourself in What Is Fully Achievable

Despite the impossible expectations of clients and manager, negotiate accordingly and promise them what is possible. Do not be compelled into promising what you cannot deliver. Basing on your history and working records, conduct a proper negotiation on what you can achieve.


Have a Plan

According to some people’s opinion, time used in creating a plan is better used in other project activities. I think the hardest part is not conducting the project. Instead, the toughest part is when you are creating the plan. It entails thinking, asking, listening, balancing, and negotiating. The time you use, to analyse and establish what it takes to solve a problem helps to reduce unnecessary surprises lifecyclethat you may encounter later in the project.

Manage Project Risk

Risks are imminent. Whenever they occur, they can halt the entire progress of the project. It means that if you are not able to control the risks, they can control the project. The project manager must take enough time to brainstorm the possible risks, and he should find the probable ways of preventing them.

Apart from the secrets listed above, we have identified some other importance of taking project management courses as well. Some advantages are:


Project managers are accountable for all the activities taking place during the project. Managers must have a general knowledge of what is happening in different sections, and must be answerable to any inquiring authority above. Project management courses instil this sense of responsibility because it equips learners with all the professionalism and the expected knowledge.


Managers benefit from the course by getting sufficient knowledge on how to unite workers in achieving a common goal. They also acquire skills in effective service delivery. Through training, managers learn leadership skills, which they use in resource and labour management. A trained manager knows how to motivate workers, as well as instils confidence in them.

Role Of A Psychologist In Our Daily Lives


Did you know that a psychologist and psychiatrist can play a stellar role in resolving many of day to day issues that we come across in our life? Many people, however, tend to think that psychology is simply for the academics, students or therapists. Whenever intervention by a psychologist is suggested, we tend to relate the problem with mental health issues immediately. But, when you look at psychology as a theoretical as well as applied subject, it is not difficult to understand its application in many areas outside mental health. Research studies in psychology may not be light reading for an average person, though the findings from such studies have important application in our everyday lives. The following represents some of the top situations where psychology can impact our daily life.

1. Motivation

There are different goals we set for ourselves like losing weight, quitting smoking, or learning something new. How soon and how effectively we reach the goal is dependent on the level of motivation that we have. And, psychology provides several tips to pep up your motivation. Research studies in education and cognitive psychology has the following tips to help you:-

  • Varying the sequence to avoid boredom
  • Introduce novel or new things to maintain the momentum of your interest
  • Set goals that are clear and directly linked to the task
  • For tasks accomplished, reward yourself
  • Learn new ways that add to your present knowledge

2. Improved leadership skills

Leadership skills are necessary irrespective of your role in a given job. Everybody is not expected to be born leaders. But, with a few tips from a psychologist, you can make significant headways. The following tips are culled from a famous study on the topic of leadership styles.

  • Provide clear guidance while allowing members in your group to voice their opinions
  • Discuss possible solutions to the problem/s with your team members
  • Focus on ideas that can stimulate and keep an open mind on rewarding creativity

3. Improve communication abilities

In today’s world, communication goes beyond the written or spoken word. In fact, studies have found that lion’s share of interpersonal communication is made up of nonverbal communication like signs and body language. You can communicate your messages effectively when you know the art of expressing yourself without the aid of the spoken word and apply the same to those around you. The following are some useful tips in this direction:-

  • Learn the role of eye contact
  • Take not of non-verbal communication from others
  • Find out how your tone can reinforce the message

4. Understanding others

Often we try to enforce our viewpoints rather than following others. A psychologist can help you to appreciate the importance of understanding others and keeping our views subdued in a conversation. In professional life as well as relationships, the ability to comprehend the emotions of people around you play a significant role in fostering the relationship. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand the emotions of others as well as your own and strike a balance between the two. The following strategies can help you acquire better emotional intelligence.

  • Assessing your emotional reactions carefully
  • Recording your emotions and experience in a journal
  • Trying to evaluate situation from the other person’s perspective

5. Accuracy in decision-making

Research work in cognitive psychology provides a wealth of information concerning decision making. When this information is applied to real life situations, we can learn the art of making wiser choices. When you are about to make a big decision next time, trying adopting some of the techniques below:-

  • Put on your ‘six thinking hats’ to view situations from multiple viewpoints including emotional, rational, creative, intuitive, negative and positive perspectives.
  • Consider the potential benefits and costs of your decision
  • Use a grid analysis to give scores for how specific decisions meet the requirements you have

6. Improving Memory

Many of us can remember precise details of childhood events but tend to forget names of individuals we met just a day before. Research on this subject has several findings that can be useful in our daily life. Try the following to improve your memory:-

  • Focus on information
  • Avoid distractions
  • Rehearse things you learned

There are more tips and tricks to help you with your minds, and you can learn some of them here.

7. Make more intelligent financial decisions

Many of us are associated with managing uncertainties and risks in the process of decision making. Research studies point to several methods to improve our decision making or rather make intelligent decisions. Following are some of the queues:-

  • Avoid procrastination and start saving early in life
  • Make advance commitments to set aside part of your current earnings towards retirement funds
  • Do not allow personal bias to influence your money choices

8. Improve your grades

Did you know that tests at regular intervals help you remember what you learned even when the test does not cover that? Other studies suggest that taking test might be better for your memory compared to studying itself. The recall rate in students tested at frequent intervals was significantly higher compared to students who were tested at irregular intervals. Self-testing has also been proved to be another great memory aid.

9. Improved productivity

While multitasking may be a popular word in today’s fast paced the world, researchers that it is, in fact, counterproductive. According to psychologists, you are better off focusing on one task at a time, eliminating distractions and avoiding multitasking, particularly while engaged in complex tasks.

10. Improving health

And finally, psychology can play a pivotal role in keeping good health and preventing diseases. Researchers have demonstrated that psychological well-being and exercise are inter-related and that both artificial and natural light reduces symptoms of SAD or seasonal affective disorder.

How Tutoring Will Secure A Bright Future For Your Children ?

Our children should be empowered to discover, wonder and explore everything in this Universe that appeals to their minds.
Organization, communication, perseverance and attention to detail are among the essential traits required to pursue scientific inquiry. Though these skills may be developed independent of science, education of our children can be more well rounded when these new age skills are taught with science as the foundation. This should be an approach to tutoring to help the children practice these essential skills in cross-curricular environments.

Unique approach

tuition centre
They should believe that every child should feel that he/she is special. They recognise that each child has unique interests, special needs and individual learning styles and focus on these factors when working with your children.

Professional Tutoring Services

Professional tutoring services are carefully designed to assist a child in reaching his/her maximum potential throughout the Australian pre-university academic pursuit. The educational courses that they will offer should be spread across the 12 years of academic learning of a child. The goal of any right tuition centre is to create in-depth content knowledge aided by active engagement of the intellect. The process will further develop a range of capacities and mental habits to prepare knowledge workers which the new economy is demanding. It will prepare your children to meet the challenges of the new economy
Armed with the skills that the new economy is looking for, tutoring services help groom the children to be part of a future workforce that is well prepared to meet the challenges. The process also involves teaching life skills that are critical to ensure their success in the chosen path. The science tutoring services that are being provided support as well as advance the new economy skills while enhancing the practice of science through focusing on these core skills. More importantly, the science tutoring services should be more broad-based to help students inculcate rich scientific values that will lay the foundation for their higher pursuits in life. We share some of the videos to children to provide broad range of benefits in study. Here is the small example video which we would like to share to children during our tutoring services.

Primed for knowledge acquisition

Consider these: – As parents or guardians, how often have you faced questions like these:-
Why is the globe round?
What brought me here?
How does the car run?
How does the light glow?
What makes the water hot?
In the pre-adolescent stage, learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom. In fact, learning is an ongoing process, throughout one’s life. At every nook and corner, there is some curiosity and children are never afraid of asking questions.

Tutor Centre should range of regular courses

tutoring servicesThey should work on the philosophy that at the primary level, children should be equipped with a strong interest in learning science by building strong fundamentals. Focus Should be on strong writing, reading and arithmetic skills will lay the foundation for the scientific quest and seamlessly transition into the secondary education. This strategy will reach its pinnacle when the Accelerated Learning is introduced. This helps students to get ahead of their peers and provide them greater and early exposure to more complex tasks. Together, they are ready to road-test their academic learning in more challenging scenarios.

Equipping to take learning beyond the text

True learning comes from the application of knowledge to practical situations. Therefore, between the secondary and VCE level, our focus shifts to equip the children to think outside the box (books). Getting good grades is essential, but what is even more important how the academic excellence reflect in real world applications. Coaching College, students should primary know why they are learning one or more subjects. Expert tutors have the answers to the ‘whys’ that will inject life into those questions. What we aim for is not just science tutoring but kindle the love for learning, help them to think critically and prepare them not just for the grades, but for a vibrant life ahead.

Test preparation

tuition test preparationRigorous time-tested strategies should be taken into consideration that delivers perceptible improvements in an unimaginably quick time. Expert tutors from multiple faculties design each course and their combined experience of several decades and they are fully updated on all the latest in the Australian primary education arena. All important changes are instantly reflected so that students can always keep ahead of the competition.
As parents, guardians and teachers, it is the responsibility to encourage learning. As elders, encouraging learning is a duty cast upon us, and we should not only grasp those wonderful moments but also strive to create opportunities for more such moments and pave the way to unravel the mysteries of the scientific word.

Young children are naturally hands-on learners

Project-based learning is all about hands-on activities. Young children are eager to throw themselves into the ring and that is the best way to learn too. Learning through the medium of play presents the perfect opportunity for the kids to experiment with an array of rudimentary scientific processes like cause-and-effect. If this opportunity is denied to children till they reach adolescence that could be a gross injustice meted out to them.

Early interests influence later life of children

The interplay between nature and nurture affords children, even during the early ages, an opportunity to get busy discovering the true individual in them. “Show me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man,” is a famous quote from St. Francis Xavier that eloquently brings home the point. An early start to education ensures that scientific quest is ingrained into the educational mix when the young kids start developing their desires and passions.

Tuition centre learningOne-to- one learning opportunities

They should offer a one to one learning opportunity for every child enrolled under the wide array of courses. Sitting in a third or 4th row, you child can hardly have any kind of personal interaction with the teacher. The eye contact with the child is particularly important during the early years of learning. This will make a significant difference to learning for your child.

We need to act now for the bright future of children

The world today, is intensely competitive and focus on learning science right at the start is not an option but an indispensable necessity. Nearly 50% of Australian schools devote just about one hour per week for learning science in the primary schools. Only 4% schools allocate 5 hours per week for learning science in the primary grades. That brings our focus to where your child will gain timely knowledge.
Speak to one of representative for good Tutor centres for a free assessment of your child’s needs and make the right decision now, to ensure a sparkling future for your child.